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Welcome to the Hub Garden Center online!

We are conveniently located in McCalla, Alabama at the corner of Old Tuscaloosa Highway and McAdory School Road. We are a family owned garden center operating in the McCalla area since opening our doors in 2000. We strive to provide top quality plants and service, accompanied by a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Here are just a few of the many things we offer:

Ferti-lome lawn fertilizer and garden products

  Alabama Grown bedding plants

  Heirloom tomato and vegetable plants

  A wide array of herbs

  Huge selection of perennials

  Trees and shrubs

  Unique pottery and gifts

Please feel free to contact us at (205) 477-7740 with any questions or plant inquiries that you may have. If we are unavailable, please leave us a message or email us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kim Parsons, Owner - The Hub Garden Center
Japanese Beetle
A. The obvious answer is Japan, but you could figure that out on your own right. These hungry little bugs came from the ground where they start life as a white grub. They hatched from their grub form in late May to feast upon your plants and veggie gardens. The females then lay eggs in your beds and lawn which hatch into grub form around the first of August. Picking off the adults by hand and drowning in soapy water is effective, so is carbaryl or seven in liquid form. But using an insecticide on the lawn in mid to late August to kill the grubs before they mature is the most effective control. Imidacloprid is a good insecticide to use.
A. No, You have what is called sooty mold. But it isn't fungal, It's cause by aphids and the their droppings. These small, very small sucking insects leave a sugary excrement on the leave of infected plants. Then over time dirt and dust stick to the sticky substance causing the leaves and trunks to turn black. Getting rid of the aphids is the first step, use either insecticidal soaps or a strong blast of water from a garden hose to kill and knock them off. For severe infestations malathion works well but with both it and the organic soap you must spray the backs of the leaves.